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Covid-19 update: Gradually getting back to normal
About five weeks ago the Swiss government imposed strict rules to curb the spread of Covid-19. In order to protect our employees and their families, we have strictly adhered to the prescribed measures while adapting our processes to continue meeting our customers’ needs.

Adherence to deadlines is guaranteed
We have adjusted shift plans, set up home offices and added additional staff to ensure the prescribed physical distancing between employees, and we have all scrupulously complied with personal hygiene rules. Thanks to the flexibility and commitment of our entire workforce, we have achieved great things. All customer deadlines have been met in these difficult times. We would like to thank all of our employees for their efforts.

Our supply chain is crisis-proof
Our strategy for our supply chain is another reason for our crisis resistance. We have been working closely and constructively with all of our external partners for many years. With only a few exceptions, these highly specialized companies are just a few kilometers away from our headquarters in Switzerland. For the components that we source from neighboring countries, including steel, we have maintained an ample stock at our factory. For example, long-term contracts and intermediate storage in Switzerland guarantee us steel stocks in the quality we require for up to six months.

Back to normal
Switzerland’s response to the Covid-19 outbreak appears to be working and the country is expected to start gradually returning to normality on April 27. In order to do our part to ensure that there are no setbacks, we will continue to adhere to official recommendations regarding staff distancing and hygiene practices. That said, our message remains the same: Our customers can count on us.

We wish all our clients and partners the good health and the energy they need to meet the challenges of the Covid-19 pandemic. We hope that things can soon return to normal for all of us. In the meantime, please don’t hesitate to let us know if we can support you in any way.

With our very best regards from Switzerland,

Otto Hofstetter, owner and CEO
Stefan Zatti, Chief Sales & Marketing Officer, Member of the board
Sascha Bigler, Chief Financial Officer, Member of the board


Current situation at Otto Hofstetter AG
The rapid spread of the coronavirus presents all of us with extraordinary challenges. In such turbulent times it is important to have a strong and reliable partner at your side. Our primary goal is to protect our employees and their families in accordance with the instructions from the Swiss government, but at the same time we strive to meet our delivery dates and ensure our availability to all of our clients and partners. And this is how we will succeed:

Sales and administration

Travel abroad is currently officially prohibited. So, in order to maintain the customary close cooperation and personal exchanges between you and your contact person at Otto Hofstetter, we have reorganized ourselves according to the required security measures.  As a result, you can quickly, smoothly and securely exchange information with your Otto Hofstetter contact person, via telephone or email. If you have any questions or concerns in the coming days, just contact us.


Our production facilities are running almost as usual. Our generously dimensioned production halls ensure that the minimum distance between employees as prescribed by the authorities is guaranteed. In addition, we have introduced a shift model in most departments that further increases safety for our people and our production.


The travel ban naturally affects our service team. However, as usual, you can reach your contact person by phone or email. Our branches in Luxembourg, China and India are subject to the instructions in the respective countries. Contact us directly with any questions or concerns you might have. We will support you from our Swiss headquarters in every possible way.

Currently, all moulds and spare parts will be delivered to you as planned. If the general conditions in Switzerland or in international transport of goods tighten further, we will be forced to reassess the situation. We assure you that we will find solutions to complete your order to your full satisfaction.

We wish you much strength and perseverance in overcoming the challenges posed by the coronavirus pandemic. You can count on our support.

Best regards from Switzerland

Otto Hofstetter, Owner and CEO

Stefan Zatti, Chief Sales & Marketing Officer, Member of the board

Sascha Bigler, Chief Financial Officer, Member of the board