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Precision, continuity and stability of value guarantee

a high output and reliability in all areas of application.


Hello! I'm Otto Hofstetter.

I’m pleased to welcome you to our web site. If you have any questions about the strategic alignment of our company, please feel free to contact me.

Otto Hofstetter, Owner and General Manager


Otto Hofstetter AG in brief and to the point.

We are an internationally leading mould and die maker and 100% family-owned. The injection moulds developed and manufactured by us are acknowledged as first-class products by the global PET and packaging industry. Enterprises all over the world rely on our Swiss-made moulds.

99.8% of our moulds
are exported.

To this day, all our products are made at our headquarters in Uznach, and every one has a typical Swiss finish of the highest quality. Each mould is subjected to thorough tests under production conditions before it leaves our factory. Service points in many countries and mobile service technicians enable us to react quickly should customers require our assistance.

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A history of innovation.

  • 1955 Otto Hofstetter senior founds the company on 1 April 1955.
  • 1962 Design of the first moulds for thin-walled packaging products.
  • 1977 The first mould for PET preforms is delivered to the USA.
  • 1989 Development of the multilayer technique for PET preforms.
  • 1997 Otto Hofstetter junior is the second generation of the family to take over management of the company.
  • 2000 The company begins production of standard mould frames.
    2003 The first PET-preform mould with 144 cavities is delivered.
  • 2010 Development of the cube technique for the production of tubes.
  • 2014 Otto Hofstetter junior wins the award EY Entrepreneur of the Year of Switzerland.
  • 2015 2-C cube moulds for closures are approved by Nestlé.

Team players at work.

As is typical for many Swiss companies, the management are personally involved in the day-to-day running of the company. Short communication paths and conscientious employees ensure efficiency and quality from the development phase to the manufacturing process, right up until the point that the injection mould is put in operation. Every day, our 200 employees and 23 trainees strive to satisfy our customers’ demands. In the interests of capacity and flexibility, we produce in two shifts and certain stages of our production process are fully automated.

Otto Hofstetter. Owner and Managing Director.

As a trained mechanical engineer with a Federal Diploma in business administration, he is familiar with both production and financial management. He is not only passionate about the company, but also has a very keen interest in watches and old cars.

Stefan Zatti. Division Manager Sales and Marketing.

As a trained mechanical engineer, he learned about precision from an early age. He has an in-depth knowledge of all internal production processes, and now puts his excellent communication skills to good use in the sales department. He enjoys unwinding after work by participating in sporting activities.

Sascha Bigler. CFO and Head of Administration.

As a federally certified expert in Accounting and Controlling, finance is his area of expertise. In his line of work, his experience in a number of international companies and his passion for process organization are valuable assets. Having grown up in the French-speaking region of Switzerland and being married to a woman from the Italian-speaking part of the country, he can communicate in a total of five languages.

“We remain true to ourselves.”

CEO Otto Hofstetter on values, “made in Switzerland” and Innovation.



Deeply rooted in Switzerland, right from the beginning.

Ever since the foundation of our company, we have held on to our location in Switzerland, and we have good reasons for doing so. The Swiss education system allows us to find the skilled workers and young people with a thirst for knowledge that we need. The combination of their professional competence and typical Swiss mentality results in products and services for which we are known the world over. This is how it is today and how it will be for many years to come.

Innovation shapes us.

Co-injection technique for PET preforms on standard machine.

15% shorter cycle time with OH Xcool® cooling of the neck splits.

More intensive cooling of the shut-off pin thanks to New-Gate Technique NGT®.

Longer useful life thanks to wear surfaces coated with OH Xtreme®.

20% less raw-material consumption for flower pots thanks to multi-point gating.

Up to 20% weight reduction in the bottom area of PET preforms thanks to Cappello design.

Up to 50% reduced cycle time in PAC applications thanks to latest thin-wall technique.