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OH Xport is a game-changer for PET and PAC producers. In hourly snapshots, it transmits a range of vital mould performance data. This comprehensive production update is available on a secure data dashboard. And if something does go wrong and the process is in danger, OH Xport transmits an urgent warning to operators by tweet.

The OH Xport System
OH Xport comprises a data control unit fed by several high-end sensors near the injection mould. The data gathered by the sensors is transmitted to a cloud platform via the mobile network, independent of any existing process monitoring systems. Our proprietary protocols transform this sensor data into straightforward visualizations and graphs that are stored on the secure data dashboard. One OH Xport unit feeds one data dashboard that can readily be accessed via smartphone or tablet.

And OH Xport does something more: it sends Twitter, whenever predefined process thresholds are violated. Downtime can be significantly reduced through proactive maintenance.

How OH Xport works


  • The data dashboard provides transparency about daily production routines. Standard production settings such as clamping force can be fine-tuned on the fly, leading to substantial savings potential.

  • Sudden irregularities in production are quickly detected and communicated if they exceed pre-determined values. The affected production run can be inspected before delivery, reducing the risk of rejection by the customer, improving customer satisfaction, also leading to substantial savings.

  • Data captured by OH Xport enable well-timed maintenance. Equipment service life is significantly increased. Maintenance activities can be scheduled when they are really needed. Productivity and profits increase.

  • The close monitoring of critical items of equipment – for example, the hot runner – can detect clogging in the hot runner cooling circuit. The risk of a sudden hot runner failure, leading to large production losses and costly emergency repairs, is drastically reduced with OH Xport, another source of big savings.

  • Warranty extensions: Installing OH Xport units on new OH moulds and hot runners can increase warranty duration by one or two years! Up to 3 times longer equipment warranties.

Return on Investment
And OH Xport unit has potential to deliver savings of EUR 20,000–60,000 annually. At a cost of about EUR 15,000, an OH Xport installation will repay its investment in only three to nine months for many producers!

Advanced Data Visualization Dashboard
Data visualization happens via web browser on otto-hofstetter.swiss with a userspecific login and password for best data protection. The dashboard includes a convenient on-demand time scale selection by date and time, extensive data analyses, low/high-value indication, average/median-value indication, standard deviation, automatic data trending, and other functions. The screens and charts are optimized for desktop, tablet and mobile phone visualization.


Shot Counter & Efficiency Package
For visualization and monitoring of the shot counter, cycle time, lock-to-lock time, production efficiency

Visualization of achieved / lost production efficiency

Stop Reason Analyses Package
For visualization and monitoring of stop reasons (including number of incidents and troubleshooting time)

Transparency over the biggest time consumers in maintenance and troubleshooting allows to disclose the biggest savings potentials

Cold Side Condensation Protection Package
For visualization and monitoring of dew point vs cold side temperature

– to detect potential condensation condition
– to disclose potential energy saving for the air conditioning

Hotrunner Leakage Protection Package
For visualization and monitoring of hotrunner cooling condition

– for early detection of potential cooling / clogging issues
– for avoiding of unplanned production stops

Mould Breathing Monitoring Package
For visualization and monitoring of min/max values of the peak mold breathing point

– for realization of ideal injection conditions, targeting good cavity venting, maximized equipment lifetime, low energy consumption of the locking unit
– to identify incidents with excess mold breathing, allowing instant separation of non-conforming preforms from the delivery

Product handling

Technical requirements
An Xport system requires a voltage of 100 - 240 VAC, as well as a uninterrupted access to a mobile network (3G or better).

Scope of supply
Delivery includes one OH Xport device system comprising a data control hub, a set of sensors and sensor cabling.

On-site installation
We perform the installation and commissioning and train relevant personnel. Machine down-time: about four hours.

Changing the mould
A mould change requires the staff to select the right mould from a choice on the screen. The respective mould data is loaded and data capturing resumes.

Thanks to its responsive design, the cockpit of OH Xport can be displayed on any device.

Data handling and security

Data capture
In order to protect a client’s production know-how, as little data as possible is collected. For this reason, OH Xport usually transmits only one data point per hour and signal.

Data transmission
OH Xport uses a data hub with its own SIM card to transmit the data to the thingspeak.com cloud platform, which is located in USA. OH Xport is a stand-alone system which requires no integration into existing IT networks.

Data integration
OH Xport data can be accessed via its cloud platform, If desired, the system can generate automated CSV-files for easy integration of its data into existing monitoring solutions.

Instant alert messages
OH Xport units transmit via Twitter to approved users. This function is available for mould-breathing and dew point alarms.

Secure production
OH Xport is only connected to a production process through its sensors. It only reads the information it is intended to read. It exerts no influence on production. Thus, OH Xport offers no useful access to the injection machine or the robot to unauthorized hackers.

Data storage
All data is stored on the thingspeak.com cloud platform.

Operating cost

Otto Hofstetter AG pays thingspeak’s annual license fee for its cloud platform. Fees for data transmission are also paid by Otto Hofstetter AG for a period of two years.

Product maintenance

Depending on local conditions, the sensors may require some cleaning. Apart from that, the product is maintenance-free.