From the PET After-Sales Service division

Are the preforms within specifications?

Whether or not the preforms are within the must be looked up in the data sheet “Preform specifications“, where the optical, and geometrical  and further characteristics are defined.

Where can we find the electric diagram for the hotrunner (tubular heater)?

The electric diagram for each hotrunner model can be found in chapter 2.5 of the operating manual.

Can we repair our hotrunner by ourselves?

We offer exchange systems. They are available quickly and enable you to keep production downtime to a minimum. If the maintenance personnel is adequately trained, they themselves can carry out minor repairs such as the replacement of the tubular heater on the sprue-bush side of the mould.

Can the weight/wall thickness of an existing preform be further reduced?

This is heavily dependent on how the preform is currently laid out. Whether or not a further reduction is possible can be clarified by our specialists and also verified by test sampling.

Can the water consumption of earlier-generation moulds be reduced?

Yes, we offer an upgrade kit for the older 48-imp. mould generations. The water flow rate can be reduced from approximately 70 to nearly 40 m3/h.



From the PAC After-Sales Service division

What should we do if a mould is due for an overhaul?

Send us samples of plastic mouldings from  the last production run and a brief description of the problem(/s). This is usually sufficient to enable us to send you a budget quotation for repairs.

What information should I have available when contacting the After-Sales Service for assistance?

  • The order number of the mould. This can be found on the type plate.
  • Photographs and samples that help to precisely illustrate the problem.
  • The number of production cycles the mould has performed so far.
  • Information on how the problem was noticed.
  • The length of time that the problem has existed.
  • Information on whether signs of the problem were evident on older samples.
  • Information on any changes made to production parameters (machine, settings, material or environment).

How can a wall-section difference in a PAC mould be corrected?

Our moulds are normally equipped with square centring features. Corrections can be made by adjusting the pressure plates. For moulds with round centring, please contact our service department.

When should a small difference in the wall section thickness of a plastic part be corrected?

The limit that is reached before a correction should be made depends on the wall thickness to the flow length. As a matter of principle you should only correct the difference if the mould split is visible on one side of the moulded part.

Can spare parts for the hotrunner be fitted without adjustments being made?

Hotrunner parts do not require adjustment. They are made in standard sizes.

Can spare parts for actual moulding surfaces be fitted into the mould without adjustments being made?

Usually, yes, but we recommend that you consult our After-Sales Service before installation.

After how many production cycles is an overhaul required?

This very much depends on the correct and proper maintenance of the mould and the environmental conditions during production. Our moulds are made to comply with highest quality standards and can therefore be used for a very high number of production cycles before the first overhaul is required. If an overhaul is needed, please make sure to get in touch with our After-Sales Service.

How can we shorten the changeover time for colour changes?

It is possible to use VESPEL caps (optional, to facilitate colour changes on the mould side). The colour residues in the screw-barrel of the moulding machine and their purging normally takes up the majority of the time needed for a colour change.



Information regarding exports.

Will an EUR.1 document be prepared for my consignment?

We are an authorized exporter and thus are not required to prepare EUR.1 documents. If the goods in question are of preferential origin, the declaration of origin and the authorization number is stated on the customs invoice. This replaces the EUR.1 and is accordingly valid as a EUR.1 document.



Sales of PAC moulds.

Are moulds produced by Otto Hofstetter AG also suitable for IML products?

Yes, provided that all IML-specific parameters are complied with.

Does Otto Hofstetter AG produce its own IML automation?

No, in this area we cooperate with all well-known automation suppliers, always ensuring that we focus on finding the optimal solution for the customer.

Is it possible to sample and test-run all moulds at Otto Hofstetter AG?

Yes, in our technical centre we operate injection-moulding machines with suitable clamping forces for all mould sizes.

Are spare parts for customised PAC moulds kept in stock?

Standard spare parts corresponding to our internal OHN standard are always in stock. If non-standard parts are required please get in touch with our After-Sales Service.

What training opportunities does Otto Hofstetter AG provide?

We offer various courses, such as training in mould maintenance. The training of your personnel can take place at Otto Hofstetter AG or on-site at your company. Please ask our service/sales personnel for an individual quotation.

Does Otto Hofstetter AG provide on-site support in case of technical problems?

Yes, we are always available to advise and support you in all problems relating to injection moulding systems. This is normally done by our well-trained service technicians who will provide on-site support if required.



Sales of PET moulds.

Can Otto Hofstetter AG PET moulds be run on production systems other than Netstal?

Yes, moulds of various sizes have already been adapted to moulding machines produced by other manufacturers. Please contact our sales specialists if you have further questions.

Can the cold sides of Otto Hofstetter AG moulds also be operated on hotrunners produced by other producers?

In principle yes, but adjustments to the base plate and gate may be required. Please contact our sales specialists if you have further questions.

What is the main advantage of an Otto Hofstetter AG PET mould?

Our moulds are produced to be very robust and of exceptional quality, which enables us to guarantee a very long useful life. This is why the annual maintenance costs for Otto Hofstetter AG moulds are very low, and the ROI is very high on account of the high operational availability.