Second Life – a new service from Otto Hofstetter AG.

With Second Life, we provide a platform on our website where moulds that are no longer needed can be offered for sale. Once a potential buyer is found, we make sure the mould is in great shape and make any necessary adjustments. The mould is then launched into its second life, sealed with a guarantee from us. Second Life offers benefits for first and second owners, and the moulds’ improved ecobalance helps to protect the environment.

The moulds produced in Switzerland by Otto Hofstetter AG are known and valued worldwide, considered right across the PET and packaging sector to be durable, robust and reliable. From their first use right up to their last, the perfect quality of the PET preforms or packaging is guaranteed. Many manufacturers achieve production efficiency of around 95 per cent, with top producers even hitting almost 98 per cent. This kind of performance is no coincidence – it is all thanks to the design and construction of the moulds from Otto Hofstetter AG. High-quality materials, special processing techniques and patented surfaces such as OH-Xtreme®, OH-Xtra® and NGT® guarantee outstanding quality for the entire lifetime of the moulds.

A lifetime that usually exceeds that of the products manufactured using the moulds themselves. In view of their exceptional properties, moulds from Otto Hofstetter AG tend to be just as fit by the end of a product’s life cycle as they were at the start of production. Injection moulds could easily be kept in use for many more years at full capacity and with the same high level of reliability.

Otto Hofstetter AG is now accommodating this situation with its new service, Second Life, which is unique in the PET and packaging market. The Internet platform, which is free of charge for Otto Hofstetter AG customers and potential buyers, is the key feature of the new offer and serves to bring current mould owners and buyers together.

Whenever a container is discontinued from a company’s range, the injection moulds used to produce them are automatically decommissioned. Despite still being fully functional, in many cases they go on to spend years lying fallow in a dark corner of a production hall or warehouse. For the owner, the mould is worth no more than its scrap metal value.

Second Life from Otto Hofstetter AG gives them a chance to change this, putting the decommissioned mould up for sale on the online platform at no cost to the owner. Once a potential buyer is found, the moulds are thoroughly checked in the factory in Switzerland and – if necessary – modified and tested. Once a mould has been successfully commissioned by its second owner, Otto Hofstetter AG offers a new 12-month guarantee.

Thanks to Second Life, everyone’s a winner: the first owner, who receives a great deal more than the scrap metal price for their “old” mould; the second owner, who has the opportunity to acquire a first-class Otto Hofstetter mould at favourable conditions; and the environment, as the mould’s ecobalance is enhanced considerably through its extended lifetime.


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